Source: The Herald Sun, 22 April, 1997, p.11

Cleo readers reveal all


SHE wants a body like 
Elle Macpherson, 
hair like Cindy 
Crawford and is more 
concerned about getting 
rid of cellulite than 
premenstrual tension. 
   In her opinion, there is 
life on other planets, 
cosmetics should not 
be tested on animals and 
marriages should last a 
   According to a survey 
published yesterday In 
Cleo magazine, these are 
the commonly held views 
Or 20-something 
Australian women. 
   Cleo editor Gina 
Johnson said 5000 
readers responded to the 
24-year-old magazine's 
first comprehensive 
survey into Australian 
women's lifestyles. 
   She said the anonymous 
responses, collated 
by an independent 
auditor over the past 
six months, gave an 
insight into women in 
their mid-20s. 
   Tough questions on 
sex, politics and 
religion were asked of 
readers, as well as 
some flippant ones. 
   The survey included 
which Melrose Place 
character you'd prefer 
to sleep with (Jake) 
and whose hairstyle 
they admired (model 
Cindy Crawford. 
closely followed by 
Friends actor Jennffer 
   Answers on sex 
revealed that 
although 71 per cent 
had never had an AIDS 
test and 89 per cent had 
not contracted a sexually 
transmitted disease, 73 
per cent had had sex 
without a condom. 
   Asked if they would 
rather have Elle's body 
or be fluent in another 
language, 63 per cent 
opted to improve their 
   Six per cent said they 
had had intercourse with 
another woman. 
   "What surprised me the 
most was people's 
honesty," Ms Johnson 

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