Source: The Herald Sun, 4 April, 1997, p.3

50km/h back-street speed limit on cards

   A UNIFORMLY lower speed limit 
of 50km/h in all residential streets 
will be imposed nationally if State 
and Territory governments accept a 
recommendation made yesterday by 
road safety experts. 
   Transport ministers will consider 
the safety recommendation at the 
Australian Transport Council 
meeting in May. 
   NSW Staysafe Committee
chairman Mr Paul Gibson said 
yesterday that if the limit was 
implemented "we could nearly 
guarantee ... that somewhere between 
30 and 50 people fewer will die on 
the roads in the next 12 months". 
   Mr Gibson also said the 
recommendation had a "10 out of 
10" chance of being implemented. 
   The chairman of the Australian 
Transport Council, Tasmanian 
Roads Minister Mr John Cleary, 
said the transport ministers 
recognised the need 
for uniformity of speed limits. A 
uniform "double demerit" 
system-tested during Easter in 
NSW - may also be adopted 
nationally, Mr Cleary said. 
   The NSW Government doubled 
the amount of points speeding 
motorists lost on their licence 
during the holiday break. Only 
three people died on NSW roads 
during Easter the lowest holiday 
road toll in NSW since 1949. 
   "It would appear on the surface 
that it's been a very successful 
program," Mr Cleary said. 
   "No doubt it will be something 
the ministers will consider further 
in May." 
   The meeting also recommended 
the adoption of alcohol ignition 
interlock devices. The devices 
prevent drunk drivers starting their 
cars by requiring them to 
blow into a breathalyser on the 
dashboard before the car will start. 
If the driver is over the limit, the 
car will not start

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