Source: The Mercury, 18 February, 1997, p.3

Aussies people on the move

AUSTRALIANS move house an average of 
11 times during their lives,more than 
double that of people living in the United 
Kingdom and most parts of Europe.

  Most Australians have completed half of
all of their moves by the age of 27 and by the 
age of 40 they will probably have completed 
three quarters. After 65 most people only 
move house once.

  Dr Martin Bell of the Department of
Geography at the University of Adelaide 
believes the relative restlessness of Aust-
ralians could be a hangover from our 
immigrant forbears.

   People aged in their 20s tend to stay a
median length of 1.3 years before moving on. 
By the early 70s the median stay in one 
home has risen to 16.2 years.

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