Source: The Mercury, 11 February, 1997, p.5

Average Australian job hunter is a married man with kids

THE average Australian job 
hunter was a married man 
with children, new figures 
from the Australian Bureau of 
Statistic (ABS) figures have 
  Releasing key findings from 
the first year of a new survey 
into employment and unem-
ployment patterns, the ABS 
found that the average Aust-
ralian jobseeker in May 1995 
was aged 32.6 years, a family 
member, and more likely to be 
a man.
  Of the 875,100 jobseekers 
pounding the pavements, 
more were male (55%) than 
  About 79% were family 
members with more than half 
of these a husband and wife. 

  "Compared with the em-
ployed,  jobseekers had lower
levels of education. Only 52%
had attended the highest level
of secondary school available,"
the ABS said in its report.

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