Source: The Mercury, 23 January, 1997, p.6

Drink that cheers
adds to the years

PEOPLE who drank in
moderation lived signifi-
cantly longer than tee-
totallers because of a
reduced risk of heart
disease, Australian
research shows.

   A seven-year study of
nearly 3000 elderly resi-
dents from Dubbo in New 
South Wales concluded 
that men and women who 
had two or three alcoholic 
drinks a day lived longer.

   "Alcohol intake in
Dubbo's elderly residents
appears to be indepen-
dently associated with a 
significant increase in life 
expectancy," the report 

   "It is clear that alcohol
intake appears to confer a
survival advantage."

   According to director of
the study, Professor Leon
Simons from the Univer-
sity of New South Wales:
"The greatest risk to ab-
stainers is heart disease
which is the primary cause
of death in Australia."

   But he warned that to
gain maximum benefit,
drinkers should consume
just two to three glasses a

   "We are definitely not
urging people to drink
more," he said.

   He advised that moder-
ation was the key to
longevity, noting that
those who died early were
those who followed ex-
tremes in behaviour.

   Professor Simons said
the benefit appeared to be
in the alcohol itself-not
in any particular ingredi-
ent found in beer,wine or 


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