Source: The Mercury, 12 January, 1997, p.5

Rescued by Macca

(edited version)


THE Royal Melbourne
Hospital had just 24
hours to find Pat Grundy
and give her a new kidney
and another chance at

But the 56-year-old
mother of three, who had
been waiting four years
for a suitable donor, was
nowhere to be found.

She had gone to
Queensland for a holiday,
her pager would not re-
spond to frantic calls from
Royal Melbourne, and at-
tempts to locate her
through the police, taxi
companies and countless
phone calls failed.

The breakthrough
came on Sunday morning 
when the Grundys, get-
ting an early morning 
start as they headed to 
Maleny,near Maroochy-
dore,turned on the car 

"It was near the end of
Macca's program which I
have been listening to
every Sunday morning
for years," said Mrs

".......I heard this
voice that I knew was
Kim's [her daughter].
.....I heard her say
there was a kidney
available and we should
contact her by noon".

Professor Gavin
Becker, Mrs Grundy's
surgeon and the director
of nephrology at the
Royal Melbourne
Hospital, said she came
dangerously close to
missing out on the

"There was a 95%
chance that the donor
kidney would take to
Mrs Grundy's tissue
type, which is why we
tried so hard to find 
her," Prof Becker said.

"Normally we would
have offered them to
someone else."

He said people could
wait up to six years to
receive a suitable kidney
according to blood and
tissue type.

Each person has six
different tissue types 
and five of Mrs Grundy's
types matched the

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