Source: The Mercury, 8 January, 1997, p.10

Gender gap

THIS week's release 
of Higher School
Certificate results in
New South Wales
showed that the
"gender gap" be-
tween girls and boys
remained a serious
problem in co-
educational schools,
Opposition educat-
ion spokesman Ste-
phen O'Doherty said.

   Mr O'Doherty said
the 1996 Higher
School Certificate re-
sults showed there
was an average Ter-
tiary Entrance Rank-
ing gap of eight 
points infavour of 
girls - the worst for 
at least 15 years. The 
average for girls was 
54.6 and the average 
for boys was 46.45, 
Board of Studies fig-
ures showed.

   Mr O'Doherty ac-
cused NSW Edu-
cation Minister John 
Aquilina of denying 
the problem and 
doing nothing about 

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