Source: The Mercury, 6 January, 1997, p.5

Sarah and Joshua take over

IF your name is Sarah or Joshua,
you won't feel out of place when
starting school in five years.

   Of the babies named in The 
Mercury classified advertise-
ments last year, Sarah and 
Joshua topped the list.

   Clive Pearce, from Dromedary,
regularly scans the births column
and lists the most popular names.

   Emily and Thomas were the
most popular names in 1995 but
have fallen slightly to second
place. Of the 1333 female births
recorded, Sarah was out in front
with 32, followed by Emily (29),
Emma (26), Georgia (25), Jessica
(24), Hannah (23), Olivia (23),
Madeline (21), Sophie (21) and
Amy (20) making up the top 10.

   Joshua clearly led the popu-
larity stakes for parents of boys 
with 48 of the 1312 recorded.

   Next came Thomas (34),
Samuel (33), Matthew (32), James 
(31), Jack (30), Jordan (26) and 
Daniel (26). There were 42 sets of 
twins and one set of triplets in The 
Mercury ads.

   Andrew and Sarah are the most
popular names of all time in
Tasmania, followed by Rebecca,
Jessica, Michael and Matthew.

   Those names seem to follow a
traditional pattern, despite influ-
ences in popular culture such as 
soapie stars and sporting heroes.

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