Source: The Mercury, 24 December, 1996, p.9

Bottle shop
of bashings

   ALCOHOL sales within post-
code areas correlates directly 
to the number of assaults, 
according to a study released 

   The New South Wales Bu-  
reau of Crime Statistics and 
Research study found the vol-
ume of alcohol sales in a 
particular area was also 
linked to that area's property 
offences and offensive behav-

   Bureau director Dr Don 
Weatherburn said that if the 
top 50 postcodes for alcohol 
sales cut their sales to the 
mean, assaults in those areas 
would fall by 6% and offensive 
behaviour would fall by 22%.

   The study used previously 
unreleased Department of 
Gaming and Racing figures 
showing the volume of differ-
ent types of alcohol sold in 
every postcode in New South 

   "When I say there's a re-
lationship between alcohol 
and crime I mean it across all 
570 postcodes in New South 
Wales," Dr Weatherburn said.

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