Source: The Herald Sun, Tuesday 25 June, 1996, p.9

We're capital

family reporter 
conservative lot, a 
survey of the latest 
social trends has 
   Not only do they 
smoke less than other 
Australians, they spend 
less on grog and are least 
likely to cohabit outside 
   They also have fewest 
babies outside marriage 
and the highest rate of 
first-time nuptials. 
   The non-radical picture 
was painted by the 
Australian Bureau of 
Statistics' Australian 
Social Trends 1996, 
released yesterday. 
   It puzzled experts, who 
struggled to explain why 
Victoria appeared to be 
Australia's conservative 
   While some thought it 
was related to the high 
rate of southern European 
migrants, others were 
not so sure. 
   Family sizes and birth 
rates were still relatively 
low in 1995, while the 
number of single-person 
households had grown. 
   Asian migration and 
the disadvantage of 
Aborigines increased. 
   The report found that 
while the number of de 
facto couples and births 
outside marriage 
continued to grow, 
Victoria lagged behind. 
   Of all states and 
territories it had the: 
LOWEST percentage of 
defacto couples - 6.7 
compared with the 
national average of 8.2. 
HIGHEST percentage of 
people marrying for the 
first time-70.7 per cent, 
compared with the 
national average of 67.5. 
LOWEST percentage of 
births outside marriage 
- 20.5 per cent, 
compared with the 
national average of 25.6. 
LOWEST adult smoking 
rate - 27.6 per cent 
(national average 28.4). 
LEAST expenditure on 
alcohol-2.7 per cent of 
average weekly 
expenditure (national 
average 2.9).

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