Source: The Mercury, 4 June, 1996, p.3

New mobile phone fears

   By BRUCE LOUDON in London

   FEARS about the effects of using 
mobile phones received a major boost 
yesterday when The Times of London 
reported on its front page that scien-
tists on three continents "believe the 
threat is so great they have stopped 
using the phones".

   Disclosing evidence that it said had 
been assembled from research carried 
out by scientists in Australia, America 
and in Stockholm for a BBC television 
program that is yet to go to air, The 
Times said "their experiments indi-
cated links to diseases such as asthma, 
Alzheimer's Disease and cancer".

   The newspaper reported: "Two out of 
six scientists said that they had stopped 
using a mobile phone and the others 
said they did so 'only when essential'."

   The Times report noted that "a 
mobile phone is a mini radio transmit-
ter which sends microwaves to a receiv-
ing point up to several miles away and 
it is feared that these microwaves could 
be damaging brain cells or causing 
other side effects".

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