Source: The Mercury, Wednesday, 20 March, 1996, p.5

Aussie Rules goals ahead

AUSTRALIAN Rules football
is Australia's most popular
spectator sport with almost
two million people attending
at least one game in the 12
months to March 1995, fig-
ures released yesterday

Australian Bureau of Stat-
istics figures show 1,874,200
people saw at least one game
during the year, with horse
racing the second most popu-
lar with 1.7 million people
attending at least one meet-

Rugby league was third
(1.5 million) and cricket (1.2
million) fourth.

Of the two million people
who attended at least one
Australian rules game, al-
most 30% (553,300) saw 10
games or more.

The three codes of racing
(horse, harness and dog) at-
tracted 2.6 million people at
least once to a meeting-1.7
million to horse racing,
600,000 to harness racing
and 300,000 to dog racing.

More than 40% (959,000) of
these people attended racing
events only once during the
year while just 11 per cent
went more than 10 times dur-
ing the year. However, for
rugby league 19% attended
more than 10 times a year
and for cricket only 8% at-
tended more than 10 times

The survey reported that
6.2 million, or 44.3 per cent of
the population over 15 years
of age, went to a sporting
event at least once during the

Males were the predomi-
nant spectators, 3.6 million
attending compared to 2.7
million of females.

However, similar numbers
of females (339,500) and
males (352,200) attended
basketball matches and more
females (231,200) than males
(200,400) attended tennis
matches and far more fe-
males (221,100) than males
(91,200) attended netball

About 49% of young people
aged between 15 to 24 years
attended at least one sporting
event but the percentage
drops to 20.8% (445,000) for
those 65 years and older.

Attendance was not con-
fined to going to a local event,
as 1.6 million Australians
attended a sporting event
while away from homes, with
more than 900,000 of these
people living outside of the
six state capital cities.


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