Source: The Mercury, Friday, 1 March 1996, p. 5

Average Aussie spends up on grog and take-away

Where the money goes

AUSTRALIANS spend more
than a quarter of their house-
hold food budgets on take-
away and restaurant meals.
They spend almost as much
on cosmetics and hair care as
on fuel and power, and more
on alcohol than fruit and

Australian Bureau of Stat-
istics research into where the
money goes, shows that food,
transport, housing and rec-
reation are by far the biggest

Around $602 a week is
spent by the average house-
hold on goods and services-
$111 of which accounts for
food. Transport costs average
$97 a week and about $79 goes
to recreation every week.

Petrol adds up to more than
meat and seafood in most
houses-around $26 a week
on petrol and $18 on meat

Almost $30 (27%), of total
food spending goes on take-
away food and restaurants-
a 5% increase over 1984.

Spending on alcohol aver-
ages $17 a week, $9 of which is
for beer, $4 on wine and $3 on

In comparison, just $14 a
week is spent on fruit and $13
on bakery products and

Spare-time spending is sig-

Almost $23 a week goes
towards holidays, accounting
for around 30% of the $79
spent on recreation.

Mainstream recreation
such as video hire, sports fees
admission to sports events,
cinemas and theatres cost
around $15 a week.

On top of that around $13
weekly is spent on televisions
stereos, computers and other
audio-visual equipment and
about $9 on toys and sporting

Books, newspapers and
magazines account for just $8
a week.

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