Source: The Mercury, Thursday, 9 November, 1995, p.3

Clarence comes up
trumps in recycling

CLARENCE residents
are the top rubbish
recyclers in the nation.
Only four months into a
12-month trial, 78 per
cent of Clarence house-
holds are participating in
kerbside recycling.

Clarence City Council
said the figure far ex-
ceeded mainland levels
and had surpassed coun-
cil and industry expec-

The community partici-
pation rate for kerbside
recycling in Tasmania is
65 per cent.

Clarence Mayor Alder-
man Cathy Edwards
said: "The result is fan-

"It indicated more than
1000 tonnes of waste
would be recycled annu-

"With the recycling
trial limited to 3000
homes, this suggests a
huge potential for recycl-
ing if it was introduced
for all of Clarence."

The kerbside recycling
trial period targeted
homes in Tranmere, Lin-
disfarne, Bellerive Bluff
and Rokeby with 6.5 ton-
nes of recycled materials
collected weekly.

EastAide Recycling
manager Darren Harris,
who won the tender in the
recycling scheme, was
pleased with the partici-
pation rate.

"It's been going very
well," he said of the
Tuesday, Thursday and
Friday collections.

"Residents have been
really good with recycl-
ing, putting items out in
the condition we asked
for such as wrappers
taken off the steel cans."

Mr Harris has 10 staff
collecting from major
southern areas and as far
as Dover.

Since the council's
recycling trial began, 132
tonnes of recyclable
materials have been col-

The results have made
the council consider
whether the kerbside
recycling scheme should
be extended to all Clar-
ence suburbs.

That would mean
about 18,500 homes
would be covered by the

The issue will be de-
bated at the next council
meeting on Monday,
November 20.

State coordinator for
Recycle Tasmania And-
rew Thiele said the res-
ults showed the com-
munity was accepting the
challenge to minimise
waste by supporting
council-run kerbside

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