Source: The Mercury, Tuesday, 12 September, 1995, p.3

Men cause more car accidents

MALE drivers cause twice as many
accidents as female drivers, a
survey has found.

And the bigger the car's engine,
the greater the chance of accidents.

Contrary to popular belief, most
car accidents occur within five
kilometres of home, not while
people are holidaying.

The NRMA report Crashes:
Costs and Causes, released in
Sydney yesterday, examined infor-
mation received from over 4000
claims made to the insurer in New
South Wales during 1994, costing a
total of $1 billion in repair costs.

Acting general manager Greg
Anderson said the survey results
banished some myths.

The peak time for accidents was
3pm on weekdays and 4 per cent of
accident insurance claims related
to crashes in or near the claimant's

The report also found men were
twice as likely to cause an accident
as women.

This could be partly explained by
the fact that men were more likely
to be behind the wheel of a car and
to drive further than women, Mr
Anderson said.

"What we do know is that there
is a direct correlation between
engine size and the likelihood of
being involved in a collision," he

"The claim frequency of vehicles
with engines in excess of 5 litres is
twice as high as those with smaller
engine capacities."

Sports cars and hatchbacks were
found to be at highest risk.


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