Source: The Mercury, Thursday, 31 August, 1995, p.1-2

Tassie footy's
TV challenge


TASMANIAN football will
face its greatest challenge
next month when the TFL
statewide league grand final
goes head-to-head for the
first time with an AFL final
on television.

For the first time-and after
years of agitation by the public
and television stations - Southern
Tasmania will get a live broadcast
of AFL football as the grand final
is played at North Hobart.

The move follows a decision by
the AFL to lift its normal ban on
having AFL games shown live in
areas where there are finals.

However, TFL general manager
Barry Breen says the live coverage
of the AFL final will have little
bearing on the attendance at this
year's statewide league final at
North Hobart on September 28.

"We have known for most of the
season that the AFL preliminary
final could be televised live but I
am extremely confident that it
won't impact greatly on atten-
dance at our grand final," Breen

"We gave the clubs the option of
switching our grand final to a
Sunday but the decision was
unanimous to keep it on a

"I am glad they did because I'd
stack our grand final up against
anything else on the day."

Southern Cross TV program
manager Gillok Collins was
delighted that the network was
finally able to give the station's
thousands of staunch AFL viewers
what they had craved for many

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Tassie footy's
TV challenge


"All I can say is, it is about
time and broadcasting AFL
games on TFL grand final day
is long overdue," she said.

"Considering ABC-TV pro-
vided a live coverage of the
TFL grand final last year, I
found it hard to comprehend
the reasoning in refusing this
network permission to broad-
cast AFL finals live."

The AFL lifted its normal
ban on telecasts of its games in
opposition to country and
regional football finals because
both AFL preliminary finals
were being played on that day.
The venues will not be decided
until after this weekend's final
round of roster games.

With attendances at TFL
grand finals consistently fall-
ing in the past decade, the live
coverage of an AFL final could
have a further impact at the

In the five seasons from 1985
to 1989, a total of 84,416 people
attended TFL grand finals at
an average of 16,883 but in the
past five seasons from 1990 to
1994, only 68,044 ventured to
North Hobart Oval at an aver-
age of 13,608.

However, Breen admitted
the make-up of the teams con-
testing the AFL preliminary
final to be telecast may have a
bearing on the impact on the
local product.

He would not say whether
ABC-TV would televise this
year's TFL grand final live.

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