Source: The Mercury, Tuesday, August 15, 1995, p.16

Heart attack risks up
for middle-age smoker

SMOKERS in their 30s and 40s 
have five times as many heart 
attacks as non-smokers a study 
of more than 10,000 UK heart 
attack survivors reveals. 
   Both low and medium-tar 
cigarettes cause high risk, says 
a coming report in the British 
Medical Journal. 
   Smokers do not have to be 
old to have a heart attack; heart 
attacks are the main way 
tobacco kills young adults and 
cigarettes also cause many non- 
fatal attacks. 
   In developed countries there 
are about half a million 
heart attacks each year among 
people still in their 30s or 
40s-and more than half of 
these are caused by tobacco. 
   Heart attacks are the biggest 
cause of premature death in 
North America and Western 
Europe; in Central Europe and 
the former USSR the risks are 
even bigger. 
   "This study shows smoking 
causes even more premature 
heart attacks than was 
previously supposed," said Dr 
Rory Collins, of the British 
Heart Foundation and a study 
organiser. "The younger you 
are, the bigger the proportion 
of attacks caused by tobacco." 

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