Source: The Mercury, Wednesday, 21 June 1995, p. 63

Golf most popular sport

GOLF is the most popu-
lar sport played in Aus-
tralia followed by net-
ball and tennis, accord-
ing to an Australian
Bureau of Statistics
report released

Olympic events barely
rated a mention in the 10
most popular sports played
in Australia despite 3.1 mil-
lion people being actively

Golf was the most popular
with 384,600 people involved
followed by netball (336,200)
and tennis (299,300).

About 35 per cent of Aus-
tralia's male population in
1993-94 played sport com-
pared with 23 per cent of

The ACT had the highest
participation rate at 34.3 per
cent of its population.

Despite hosting the 2000
Olympic Games, New South
Wales had the lowest propor-
tion of population in sport at
27.8 per cent-1.2 per cent
below the national average.

But because of its popula-
tion NSW had the largest
number of players at 1.3

Tasmania had the second
highest state participation
rate (29.7 per cent), behind
Western Australia (31.8) but
ahead of Queensland (29.5)
and South Australia (28.8).

The high level of participa-
tion in the ACT was mainly
the result of a larger propor-
tion of younger people in its

Report editor David Povah
said yesterday the figures
provided a snapshot of Aus-
tralia as a sporting nation.

He said while participa-
tion rates were high there
was no data available to
compare it with other coun-

Basketball was also one of
the fastest growing sports in
Australia, particularly in the
15 to 19 years age group, as
was netball among women.

Traditional male sports
such as rugby league and
union rated nine and 10 re-
spectively in the men's top 10
popular sports while outdoor
cricket rated second
favourite for men and ninth
favourite for women.

People born in Australia
were more likely to play
sport than people born over-

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