Source: The Mercury, 22 March, 1995, p.16

Thin thighs don't
come from a jar

San Francisco. 
Happiness, at least in the 
form of thin thighs, might 
not come in a jar.

Two studies released yes-
terday at a plastic surgeons' 
convention here raised quest-
ions about the much touted 
creams whichare said to melt 
fat from 

And according to the plastic 
surgeons, they don't work.

"We found that if you just 
apply the cream and don't
change your diet or exercise, 
there's no difference", 
said Dr. Leroy Young of 
St. Louis's Washington Uni-

He and his colleagues 
had 17 women apply cream 
on one thigh and one side 
of their stomach for eight 
weeks. Half the women used 
the fat-melting cream and 
half used a placebo.

In addition to the objective 
evaluation - thigh measure-
ments and before-and-after 
photos evaluated by outside 
observers - 16 out of the 17 
women themselves saw no 
differences in the thighs 
treated with the $US30 ($A41) 
jar of cream.

The 17th woman was convinced, 
however, even though her 
weight and measurement were 

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