Source: The Mercury, 25 January 1995, p. 11

the missing

MORE than 300,000
people went missing on
August 6, 1991, the Aus-
tralian Bureau of Statis-
tics said yesterday.

  But they did not dis-
appear completely -
they were not at home
when the most recent
census was conducted.

  The bureau said the
1991 census missed 1.8
per cent of the popula-
tion, or 316,700 people
slightly lower than the
1.9 per cent in 1986.

  Northern Territorians
were the most absent
from their homes with
7500 or 4.1 per cent
unaccounted for.

  Western Australia
had the next highest
rate of undercount (2.1
per cent), followed by
Queensland (2), New
South Wales (1.9), Tas-
mania and Victoria
(1.7), South Australia
(1.4) and the ACT (1.1).

  People aged 20 to 24
were the most absent.

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