Source: The Mercury, 15 December, 1994, p.14

Prints link with
gay sexuality

A link between fingerprint 
patterns and male homosexual-
ity has been discovered by 
scientists that adds new evid-
ence to the theory that sexual 
orientation is determined before 

Last year, an American team 
reported that it had found evid-
ence of a genetic predisposition 
to homosexuality.

It reinforced an earlier study 
that revealed a tiny part of the 
brain that is responsible for 
sexual behaviour is smaller in 
women and in homosexuals than in 
heterosexual men.

In the new study, the researchers 
compared the number of ridges in 
fingerprint patterns of 66 homo-
sexual men with the patterns of 
182 heterosexual men.

One third of the homosexual men 
showed more ridges in the left 
hand than in the right hand, com-
pared with 14 per cent of the hetero-
sexual men.

Since fingerprint patterns are 
known to have a strong genetic 
component, the new finds may ulti-
mately help to determine when sexual 
orientation becomes established, 
according to the work by Jeffrey 
Hall and Doreen Kimura of the
University of Western Ontario, 
reported in the journal Behavioural 

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