Source: The Mercury, 7 November 1994, p.3

Obesity may
slow fall in
heart deaths

   People are getting fatter,  
a trend which may slow  
Australia's falling heart  
attack and stroke death  
rates. Tshe National Heart  
Foundation warned in the  
latest Medical Journal of  
   A study of 19,315 people  
surveyed three times in  
10 years found heart dis- 
ease risk factors such as  
smoking, salt eating, and  
meat-fat eating were on  
the decline but people were  
more likely to be obese or  
overweight than before. 
   Obese people weigh 20 per  
cent more above their re- 
commended weight, while  
overweight people are less  
than 20 per cent above their  
recommended weight. 
   High blood pressure also  
became less common, the  
study by National Centre  
for Epidemiology and Popu- 
lation health senior research  
fellow Stan Bennett and NHF  
medical director Paul Magnus  
   The odds of women being obese  
increased by 70 per cent.  
while their chances of being  
overweight increased by 32 per  
cent. Men's chances of being  
obese rose by 24 per cent and  
the chance of being overweight  
rose by 13 per cent.

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