Source: The Mercury, 4 November, 1994, p.5

Women risk
more injuries

Women motorists who 
crash risk more serious 
injuries because they 
drive smaller cars and 
tend to be involved in 
multiple vehicle pile-ups, 
a new study has found.
  Women are also more likely 
to be killed in urban and 
congested areas while 
travelling during the day.

  The findings of the Feder-
al Office of Road Safety 
study, A Comparison of Fat-
al Crashes Involving Male 
and Female Car Drivers, put 
beyond doubt the longstand-
ing claim that women are 
safer drivers. 

  It found women were less 
likely to be killed than men 
because they drove at lower 
speeds and tended to wear seat 
belts. Also, women engaged 
in less risk-taking behaviour 
such as speeding and drink-
driving than men.

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