Source: The Mercury, 14 July, 1994, p.15

Australia high
risk for hearts

Men are up to five times 
as likely as women to 
suffer heart attack - 
unless the men happen to 
come from Beijing and the 
women from the Scottish 
city of Glasgow, says a 
UN study. Published yes-
terday by the World 
Health Organisation (WHO), 
it ranks people from 38 
regions in 21 countries 
in order of heart attack 
rates. Finnish men and 
Scottish women top the 
table, while the lowest 
risks are enjoyed by 
Chinese men, and women 
from the Spanish province 
of Catalonia. For both 
men and women, the high-
est-risk areas appear to 
be Scotland, Finland, 
Northern Ireland, Austra-
lia, Canada and Sweden.

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