Source: The Herald Sun, Wednesday, June 29, 1994, p.XX

Changing face

Boost for fight
against illness

   Dr Lawrence said the 
report was critical In 
Improving health policy. 
   "One of the benefits of 
publications such as this is 
that it allows us to identify 
the weaknesses In the 
system. the areas where we 
need further Improvements 
she said. 
The report also found: 
RURAL Australians had 
higher death rates for all 
major causes of death except 
for cancer and mental 
IT appeared the HIV-AIDS 
epidemic had peaked, but as 
the number of undiagnosed 
infections was unknown 
warned against 
CANCER accounted for 27 
per cent of male and 24 per 
cent of female deaths, 
although In general people 
were surviving the disease 
HEART attack mortality was 
declining at an annual rate 
of 4 per cent for men and 
2.7 per cent for women 
DENTAL decay In 12. year- 
old Australian children had 
fallen by 46 per cent since 
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REAL health funding from 
all governments was 
Increasing at an annual rate 
of 3.5 per cent, and was 
$1944 per person in 1992-93. 
STATISTICS were deficient 
In many areas Including 
mental health, most 
diseases, Aboriginal health, 
abortion, and state-compiled 
   The Opposition health 
spokesperson. Mrs Bronwyn 
Bishop, said the report also 
highlighted the decline In 
private health Insurance 
coverage, now down to 37.6 
per cent. 
   "The report predicted that 
there will be a continued 
decline In both basic and 
supplementary coverage of 
private health Insurance to 
31.1 per cent in June 1997," 
she said. 
   Mrs Bishop said the report 
also estimated between 
103,000 and 112,000 people 
were waiting for elective 
surgery In public hospitals 
last year, and a third had 
waited more than six 

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