Source: The Mercury, Friday, March 18, 1994, p.17

Hope of new
colon cancer
gene testing

   RESEARCHERS have identi- 
fied a second gene implicated in 
a hereditary form of colon can- 
cer, spurring hopes of a screen- 
ing test within a year. 
   Hereditary nonpolyposis col- 
on cancer also causes ovarian 
and uterine cancers. 
   "If you catch the cancer early 
enough, it's curable," said Ken- 
neth Kinzler, of the Johns Hop- 
kins Oncology Centre. 
    Those with the defective 
genes had up to a 90-per-cent 
chance of developing colon can- 
cer, Kinzler said. 
   Women have an additional 30- 
per-cent chance of developing 
ovarian or uterine cancer. 
   Richard Kolodner, of Har- 
vard's Dana-Farber Cancer 
Centre, said the two genes might 
be implicated in cancers which 
were not inherited. 
   "In some people with spor- 
adic cancer [no history of this 
cancer in their families] their 
tumour has an alteration in one 
of these genes," he said. 
   Studies by teams headed by 
Kolodner and Kinzler were 
published in the Journals 
Science and Nature. 

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