Source: The Mercury, 27 February, 1994, p.3

Let someone else
drive, bridge
commuters told

Dallas Aldridge

Eastern Shore commuters 
have been urged to change 
their travelling habits 
in an effort to relieve 
peak-hour traffic congest-
ion on the Tasman Bridge.

Transport Minister Ian 
Braid said yesterday the 
number of vehicles cross-
ing the bridge would fall 
significantly if more 
people used public trans-
port or shared cars.

Recent surveys showed the 
60,000 cars travelling on 
the bridge each day carried 
an average of only 1.2 
people, Mr. Braid said.

"If the average was lifted 
to 1.5 or 1.6, the number 
of cars crossing the Derwent 
could be reduced by 15,000 
a day", he said.

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