Source: Weekend Australian, December 13, 1992, p.6

Monday's a killer
if you're feeling

Rohan Sullivan 
   Monday is the day of the week 
 when Australians are most 
likely to commit suicide. 
   Researchers at Adelaide's 
Flinders University yesterday 
released the results of an exam- 
ination of the 19,425 suicides 
reported in Australia between 
1981 and 1990 to determine 
variations in the day, month 
and season when people killed 
   The findings will be released 
in a paper to the Australian 
Sociological Association today. 
   The assessment shows Mondays, 
especially in spring, are the 
worst day for committing suicide 
for both men and women. The day 
fewest people commit suicide is 
   Professor Riaz Hassan, from the 
sociology department at Flinders 
University, said an average of 
4.54 men committed suicide on 
Mondays compared with 3.92 on 
Saturdays. For women, 1.27 killed 
themselves on Monday, while the 
lowest point was Wednesday at 1.09. 
   Tuesday was the next worst day for 
men and Friday for women. 
   The study was undertaken to assess 
the "popular folklore" that suicide 
is often linked to the time of day, 
a day of the week or the phases of 
the moon. 
   The highest average daily rate of 
suicide among men occurs in the 
warmer months, with November the 
highest, followed by September, 
October, December and January. 
   The highest female rates occur 
in March, then August, December, 
September and October. 
   Professor Hassan said further 
research could reveal whether 
Christmas and school holidays 
produced more suicidal behaviour.

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