Source: The Mercury, 24 October, 1992, p.5

Happy is the solo, says study

Contrary to  
popular belief, single  
people tend to be  
healthier and happier  
than married people, a  
Canadian study has  
A family sciences  
professor with the Uni- 
versity of British Col- 
umbia, Professor  
James White, said  
yesterday that single  
people who had never  
been married had  
"happier and heal- 
thier" scores in three  
of four criteria of well- 
The singles, espe- 
cially single women,  
rated better in subjec- 
tive health assess- 
ments, actual health  
problems and visits to  
the doctor, Professor  
White said. 
"Only in the cate- 
gory of life satisfac- 
tion, a subjective  
assessment of well- 
being, did married  
people have better re- 
sults than single, non- 
married people."

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