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If it is in the news, students and teachers will find it on NewsBits.

School teachers and students can now get their latest news stories and photos from the one news resource website, specially designed and priced for schools. Photos about contemporary, news-worthy and popular subjects are included.

Designed by the Institute of of Multimedia and Learning at the University of Technology, Sydney, this website taps into the vast News Limited database of photos and stories that have been covered in papers such as the Mercury, The Daily Telegraph, Herald-Sun, The Courier Mail, The Advertiser and The Australian.

Bisbot is your search robot, who is there to help students find the right news story or photo for their project or homework. An assignment builder is also available to help construct a well-designed assignment.

Check out the NewsBits website by clicking here.

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MathsEd - Numeracy in the News

Numeracy involves not just basic number skills, but also the ability to integrate basic skills in contexts that require high levels of literacy to interpret situations and make judgments. Updated in 2002, this website aims to inspire teachers and students to read their local newspaper and find articles which illustrate the different aspects of numeracy.

On this site, there are 313 full-text newspaper articles from the Mercury and other News Limited newspapers throughout Australia. Most articles have linked questions for students and discussions for teachers, and they are also cross referenced by the key topic for use in projects. Check out the MathsEd - Numeracy in the News website here.

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CyberClass articles were published regularly on the Tuesday Learning page in the Mercury until 2005, offering teachers and parents a reference to the implementation of technology in Tasmanian schools. 

The articles were written by Peter Lelong and Vince Summer and many are available on their website here.

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